Don’t Wait to Repair a Leaky Water Service Line! Crown Plumbing Inc. Can Repair or Replace Faulty Pipes in No Time in Bellevue, WA!

The “water service” refers to the line that runs from the meter to the house. Occasionally these pipes begin to leak and need to be repaired.

You might have a leak if:

  • You get one or more consecutive larger-than-normal water bills
  • You notice a wet spot in the yard (or extra-green grass) during periods of little-to-no rain
  • You turn the house water off, and notice your water meter is still spinning (the little red triangle on the meter is your own personal leak detector)

leaky water heaterleaky water service lineIf you suspect you might have a leak, the next step is to call for a Leak Detection Service. These companies will pinpoint the leak within a 4′ x 4′ square. After they detected the source, call us or submit an estimate form! The techs will provide an estimate for you, including all the details of the project and the cost. When you approve the bid, we can break ground and bring peace once again to your home. When you pinpoint the leak, it is possible for us to simply repair the line. We have to dig and/or jackhammer to get to the leak; we then repair the section of pipe, back fill the section, and, if necessary, repair the concrete. It is typical for us to get this done in 4-6 hours or less. We determine any need for more time upon diving into the job itself. There are times when you simply have to replace your mainline instead of repairing the leak because the line is too old. When replacing the line, you do not need to call a leak detection service. Begin with calling us or submitting an estimate form! We will then set up some time to look over the scope of the project then provide you with a bid. Once you approve the bid, we can break ground. Our licensed techs are typically able to get this done in a day or two. This requires digging up/jack hammering up the entire line and replacing it with a new one. The techs will back-fill and replace concrete as needed.

Have any questions? Feel free to give us a call anytime!