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Water Heater Services in Redmond, Wa

Comfort is an essential part of a healthy household, and having a well-kept water heater will help keep your loved ones comfortable during the cold winter months in Redmond. Having an efficient water heater in place requires regular professional maintenance and occasional repairs to guarantee that it’s running at maximum capacity. water heater repair & replacement expert near me  

Types of Water Heaters We Work With in Redmond

Our professional plumbers provide professional water heater repairs and replacement in Redmond for a variety of different types and models. The vast majority of these can be classified as either gas, electric, or tankless water heaters.


At Crown Plumbing, we suggest you select a gas-powered heater whenever possible. This is because gas heaters are the most energy-efficient models, which means they will cost much less in the long run, especially when compared with electric heaters. They come in a variety of capacities, ranging from as little as 35 up to a stunning 70 gallons. The cost of these heaters vary depending on the size of the tank and the make you want to select, but we can provide an approximate estimate if you provide information about the setup you have right now.


Electric water heaters excel when it comes to durability and reliability. Although they are less likely to malfunction, they still require professional repairs and maintenance every now and then. However, if cared for properly, they can last for more than 10 years without reducing performance at all. These heaters also carry a variable price tag, but with a little information about your current tank and setup, we can provide an approximate for your project.


If you are environmentally-conscious, you may want to consider tankless water heaters as an option for your Redmond home. Known for being eco-friendly, these models use fewer materials and can significantly reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions. You can choose from gas or electricity-powered models, but note they tend to be more expensive than models that employ tanks. However, if you have a large family or love taking hot showers, this can be a smart investment for your future. In order for us to offer a reliable estimate, we need to send over one of our certified specialists to your location. That being said, this would be a no-cost quote, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today.  

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