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Plumbing Repair and Installation Company in Bothell, WA

It’s no secret that plumbing issues in your house or business can translate into thousands of dollars worth of property damage. Moreover, leaks and floods can result in mold and mildew development, which can, in turn, cause severe health complications for your family or employees. Unfortunately, most of us never stop and think about the shape of our plumbing system until there is an obvious problem knocking on our door. At Crown Plumbing, our team of professional technicians specializes in providing plumbing repair and installation services for homes and businesses in Bothell. Backed by more than 35 years of combined experience, we employ state-of-the-art techniques that help us identify the root of the problem each and every time. Once we identify it, we can provide effective solutions that eradicate any recurring issues once and for all. plumbing companies near me

Plumbing Repairs and Replacement in Bothell

Although it doesn’t seem like it, the plumbing that is buried beneath the ground is one of the most important parts of any building in Bothell, regardless if it’s a home or business. However, this same network of pipes can easily become damaged or clogged, which can result in leaks, floods, and other severe complications. Our team of professional plumbers is equipped with all the tools and knowledge necessary to provide solutions to all of your plumbing issues. We can carry out extensive repairs and even replace entire sections of your pipes and fixtures to make sure we fix the cause of the problem. This will allow you to return to your daily routine in Bothell without any major interruptions that end up costing more time and money in the long run.

New Plumbing Installation

Besides providing repairs and replacement, our licensed technicians are also qualified to install brand new plumbing systems from scratch. Relying on more than 35 years of combined experience, our professional plumbers are qualified to effectively install pipes, water heaters, water treatment systems, and other essentials that will help turn your house into your dream Bothell home.  

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